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Sexy Spreader Imperfection

Sexy Spreader Imperfection

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**The only thing wrong with these is that one of the The velcro straps are sold backwards. You can still velcro it there's just a tiny twist.
** If you're good with sewing, you could detach and see the strap on the correct way. 
Prepare for blissful restraint with the Sexy Spreader strap. Using the padded neck brace for comfort and leverage, slip the straps onto ankles to keep legs spread for tantalizing pleasure. This bondage accessory has adjustable straps to help you get comfortable in any position you’d like while keeping legs apart at the desired angle. Open yourself up to new positions—literally—with the Sexy Spreader.

Get inventive in the bedroom! Sexy Spreader lets you hold your legs comfortably at any angle!
• Leg straps adjust for multiple positions.
• Padded neck brace for comfort and padded ankles

• User-friendly Velcro ankle cuffs
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