One Love Perfume

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❤️Discreet packaging, premium materials.

❤️Whisper-quiet, satisfaction guaranteed.

❤️Soft touch, body-safe.

❤️Easy to use, ergonomic.

One Love is refined femininity at its peak. Celebrate your womanhood and lean into your soft elegance with high notes of citrus combined with the floral notes of jasmine, lily, and rose, all mixed with a gorgeous base of musk, ambergris, and vanilla.

One Love brings a touch of magic to your scent game! Infused with vegan pheromones, they amp up your attractiveness and confidence, sparking potential interest from admirers. Apply them to your chest area where your sweat glands are and let the playful dance of chemistry begin!

Cruelty Free - we will never test on animals

Highest Quality Pheromones, pure and bio identical

Size: 50 ml

Customer Reviews

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Sam Smart
Quite Lovely

This scent is amazing! Initially my husband didn't notice it, but our dog did. Haha! I put it on today and my husband asked me "Where do you think you are going smelling like that?" I only did one spray!