Black Diamond

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❤️Discreet packaging, premium materials.

❤️Whisper-quiet, satisfaction guaranteed.

❤️Soft touch, body-safe.

❤️Easy to use, ergonomic.

Looking to find your next match? Meet your new matchmaker.

This is a pheromone perfume or cologne! Based on your pheromones will blend to enhance YOUR attractiveness!

Created in collaboration with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, this scent is a bold blend of cedar, blackcurrant, and lemon. Undertones of oak, white amber, and musk - as charming and unique as the person who wears the fragrance.

Irresistibly sexy, the bottle is a striking, beautiful glass diamond. 

The perfect combination of pheromones and tantalizing fragrances. And it's finally here for you to try! It doesn’t matter if you’re married or single. Straight or gay. MATCHMAKER is going to make you electrifying to the sex of your choice.

Eye of Love pheromone products bring a touch of magic to your scent game! Infused with vegan pheromones, they amp up your attractiveness and confidence, sparking potential interest from admirers.

Apply them to your chest area where your sweat glands are and let the playful dance of chemistry begin!

Cruelty Free, never tested on animals - EVER.

Highest Quality Pheromones. Our pheromones are pure and bio identical

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amber Scott
Love this!!

It smells SO good and my bf loves it too!! I've tried other pheromone perfumes before and they were too strong but this one isn't!

Mandy Durman
Girls best friend

I tried this at my party and liked it however once hubby came home and really liked it I had to have it. It’s long lasting, and alittle goes along ways. If you smell sexy you feel even sexier. I recommend this for date nights and romantic evenings.