Deeply Love You Throat Relaxing Spray

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Deeply Love You Throat Spray works its delectable magic for a more intense oral sex session. This spray is flavored and makes a treat for your tastebuds while relaxing the throat muscles to help reduce the gag reflex and therefore being able to deep throat during oral sex.

They will fall deeply in love with you when you use this flavored throat desensitizing spray that helps relax your throat muscles and take their love deeper.


  • Spray 1-2 PUMPS into the back of the throat
  • The effect takes place immediately. Feel free to add more if desired.
  • Benzocaine creates a slight numbing sensation to relax the throat muscles.
  • Slightly sweet & available in five flavors
  • Water-based product; contains healthy ingredients

Fun fact: Great for sore throats & toothaches, too!

What are throat numbing sprays and gels used for?

Throat numbing spray, sometimes called deep throat spray, is used to reduce sensation in the back of the throat, allowing for deeper, more penetrative oral sex. Numbing agents contained in the deep throat spray or deep throat gel will limit discomfort, and help prevent the gag reflex in more sensitive partners.

A slightly numb throat can be extremely beneficial when trying to deep throat your partner. The gag reflex limits how deeply you can take your partner’s penis into your mouth, and when the gag reflex is reduced, deep throating becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 38-B, Propanediol, Glycerin (Vegetable), Water, Benzocaine, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Sucralose, Natural & Artificial Flavors, (May contain +/-) CI 42090 (Blue 1), CI 15985 (Yellow 6), CI 26100 (Red 17)

Flavor: Salted Caramel

Customer Reviews

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Sam Smart
Better than others

Tried the cinnamon roll flavor the other night. This is the best thing I've tried for oral on him!! It sprayed easy and the flavor was top notch!! And worked almost instantly!